Grief Counseling And Animals

Throughout life, there are many instances in which people are likely to experience intense feelings of grief. Dealing with the finality of death is an extremely difficult process, particularly when the departed is a loved friend or family member. Grief is also commonly experienced when a person loses another over a misunderstanding or like incident. However, emotions of grief are not only restricted to events involving death.

People sometimes feel grief after the occurrence of an event of which they are not satisfied with, or in connection with a planned outcome that does not reach its anticipated end. Regardless of the source of the grief itself, grief therapy can assist clients address these feelings and overcome them, resulting in a fully functional and emotionally free well-being during the course of the healing process and many years to come. In the world of counseling and therapy, there are various ideas and approaches offered by professionals on how to counseling for grief should be accomplished. One of these is the approach practiced during sessions for grief counseling in which pets are used towards aiding the healing of clients.

Animal-assisted therapy has been employed for years in helping clients feel more comfortable within the counseling session and improving the results of the course of the therapy itself. Specific animals used in therapy for grief may range from cats to horses, dogs, including many other small pets.

There are numerous health advantages that have been documented which clients can get from interacting with animali.e increased longevity, lowered depression levels and a positive increase in self esteem and well being. While owning a pet is one of the most efficient ways to enjoy these benefits, petting and playing with animals regularly during grief counseling can also go a far inlong way towards building emotional serenity and calm.