Cat Spraying- The Smelly Truth

Cat spraying is without doubt one of the little understood elements of cat behavior. Every untamed felines will spray as a way to either mark territory by means of cat urine (in the wild for males) or as a way to advertise reproductive availability. Domesticated fixed felines do not generally spray, however they can revert when under stress , this comprises of fixed cats as well as females. Normally domesticated kitties spray under stressed conditions like:

Medical conditions in particular urinary tract issues

Overcrowding- execessive number of cats inside a given space

Territorial stress- this kind of goes with the above point however consists of other variables as well.

Personality- a very dominant or submissive cat

By far the commonest motive for cat spary is territorial stress. A cat can get distraught watching a new cat in the neighbors windowsill. Folks that dwell in rural parts are regularly experiencing problems with feral cats and their domesticated cats. Certain cats are extremely dominant and will spray even if another person comes into your house , let alone another cat. I’ve talked to folks that have twelve extremely joyful felines who behave wonderfully, and We have talked to people who have only 2 but they are unobediant and spray. Ample space, food, water, exercise and attention for each cat are needed for a healthy cat .

Personality with group dynamics seem to play more of a role than most other variables. Flower essences tackle the imbalances best after the physical causes are resolved. Flower essences work energetically on emotional imbalances within the animal and are the safest method to change and stabilize a cats spraying behavior. Many people have their kitties on meds which have unintended effects as well as vet expenses involved.

Bottled Blessings flower essence formula are meant to lower the imbalance producing feline spray behavior and usually begins to work within a 7 days. The imbalance is steadily corrected, improving cat spray behavior and well being. Cat spraying is generally a sign of some sort of tension within cats and is a foremost reason for cat euthanasia.

A very dominant cat will spray to make sure everybody has found out he is the leader, though females can also be alpha. An extremely submissive feline that everyone picks on will also spray to alleviate pressure. Again, flower essences can address both polarities and stabilize them for group harmony.

Cat spraying can easily become chronic and different cats are susceptible to this behavior on a chronic basis. Physical reasons need to be corrected first, often to a certain extent easily. Emotional and behavior concerns take more time. Bottled Blessings No Spray offers a safe and suitable solution to correct this imbalance. As with most problems, the faster it’s addressed, the quicker the matter are generally resolved.