CAT 2013 Day 2 Analysis Verbal Difficult, LR Tricky, Quant Moderate

Today was the second day of CAT 2013 exam. The first session for Day 2, on October 18, got over this afternoon at 1.00 PM. editorial team was present on many centers in New Delhi, Noida and spoke to students for their first reaction. According to the students, the Verbal section was difficult with long passage. Logical Reasoning was also tricky and calculation intensive. Students also said that Quantitative section was however Moderate in difficulty level in comparison to Verbal section. A test taker Amit Srivastava from Delhi shared his experience and said, -I thought Quant would be hard but to my surprise verbal section was more difficult this time. One of the passages was very long and at least four LR questions were very tricky.- One of the test taker in Noida, Sonal said, -Algebra and function had the maximum questions in Quant. Data Interpretation was fine. There was no Fill in the blanks in Verbal section though.- Let us have a look at the question types in the sections: Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation: Moderate The Quantitative Ability area had maximum questions from Algebra and Functions. Rests of the questions were from the other known topics such as Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Functions, Mensuration, Time Speed & Distance etc. Permutation & Combination was again missing from many students question set similar to DAY 1. Data Interpretation area saw questions on Pie Chart and Caselets and was termed as average in difficulty level by many students. Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning: Difficult, lengthy and tricky The Verbal Ability questions were on Reading Comprehension, Para Jumble, Vocabulary, Error correction in paragraph, identifying the Out of Context sentences. There was no fill in the blanks in verbal section of many students. Passages were long while questions were direct. According to Verbal Ability expert Prof SK Agarwal, Vocabulary was fine but at least one passage was lengthy. Overall the verbal section was on a difficult side. The Logical Reasoning questions were lengthy and tricky. In comparison to DAY 1, DAY 2 of CAT 2013 saw a better attendance of students. will continue to update this analysis. For more updates and student’s feedback, visit Forum . Stay tuned to for more updates on CAT 2013 exam