A lazy cat may require pet weight management

When you bring home a kitten he will bounce all over your home as his energy levels will be high; however, as time passes for some cats their energy levels can decline.

A cat that has stopped being a frisky kitten and has grown into lazy adult cat is usually because they stay indoors rather than going out of the house.

A cat that enjoys staying indoors does not have the same daily exercise as one who loves to be out in the garden or back yard; outdoor kittens and cats love to play, climb up trees and chase mice and birds. This form of exercise keeps excess pounds at bay.

If your cat has suddenly shown signs of being overweight, a cat weight management programme is the answer. Implementing this programme will help you to reduce your cat’s excess weight to recapture his levels of energy.

Weight loss and cat diets is made easier with a change of cat food, food portion sizes being reduced gradually, plus changing the given amount of yummy treats that are given every day.

Quality cat food made with the best ingredients should be balanced; essential cat food that has ingredients which include omega-3- fatty acids is good for all breed of cats.

Cat diets with essential pet weight management are made easier by feeding your kitten and adult cats on quality proteins, good carbohydrates, with essential fats and low amounts of salt.

At Hills Pets a kitten or a cat who is on our pet weight management plan enables owners of cats manage their cat’s diet by giving healthy portions of quality cat food, a reduction of weight will soon have your feline friend purring his way back to good health.

Using our pet snacks as a healthy treat and hanging from your kitten or cats scratch post on a daily basis will soon have your cat interested in moving around.

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