Collovet Works As An Restorative & Appetite Stimulant For Animals

Livestock need different levels of feed, nutrients, proper rest depending upon their age, strength, weight & overall health in order give their best for whatever they are made for. Feeding a Racing Horse or Racing Camel can be confusing. There are a number of different feeds available but the uniquely formulated Collovet works as an restorative & appetite stimulant in order to provide full strength, mental alertness for muscular activities, give their best at intense training, at post-training fatigue and at the actual Racing Day i.e. Performance. Collovet is well and readily accepted as a Horse Feed by many. Those who have been constantly taking help of Collovet have seen the effects of a good Horse Feed Supplement.

Horse Appetite Stimulants are the elements which improve the appetite system of livestock including Racing Horses & Camels. Many Horses & Camels show good results during training sessions but not performing on the actual racing day. It can be a serious problem if neglected, well but not to worry as Collovet has brought wonders to the low performers, those livestock recovering from illness, on training strength & stamina, off training strength & stamina and on the actual day of racing. It is also used as a recovery from post training fatigue. To survive bodily exertion caused by intense or prolonged exercise, high standards of production or performance etc Collovet works miraculous by Stimulating appetite. Collovet doesnt affect negatively on the digestion of livestock as it is a water soluble liquid which shows easy-to-digest base.

In order not to go Off Feed, Racing Horses and Camels need to be taken care while giving tonic, supplements. Collovet has also been used as Camel Feed Supplement as it contains:
Potassium glycerophosphate – 24.0g/L

Ferric ammonium citrate – 23.0g/L
Sodium glycerophosphate – 21.8g/L
Caffeine citrate – 12.0g/L
Manganese sulphate – 2.2g/L
Thiamine hydrochloride- 0.2g/L

To survive the fatigue, exertion and maintain a healthy diet Collovet contains 7 crucial elements: Vitamin B1, Organic Phosphorus, B Complex Vitamins, Stomachic, Iron, Stimulants, Potassium and Sodium. All the needed, important, essential nutrition & elements are included in Collovet. Racing Horse and Camel goes through intense training which results in exertion, to recover from this fatigue proper rest and feed play an important role. Collovet is the best stimulant because it increases mental capacity & alertness for muscular work.

With literally hundreds of different feed types available, it can be quite challenging for a new or even veteran horse and camel owner to provide good quality stimulants, supplements etc. for on-training, post-training schedule. Collovet is one product that will help you to stop worrying about your Horse & Camel Feed. Beware of health & performance risks associated with any food supplement or diet which is given to livestock or Racing Horse, Camel. Collovet is ready to be used by all kinds of animals. The Racing Horses are needed to be taken care so that they can offer their best in the Races.