Facts About Peacock Bass Fish

If you have never heard of a peacock bass fish, you are in for a treat. You can have three of the best points of fishing — great taste, variety, and an enjoyable fishing experience — all in one.

The peacock bass comes in six different varieties. What they have in common is that the peacock bass is plentiful, and makes for delicious eating. Bass is one of the best-tasting types of fish in general. In addition to its mild flavor, it is also the fish of choice for many people because it does not contain much oil or bones.

Peacock bass is often used as a sport fish. Although they are plentiful enough for fishermen who wish to catch them for food, their quantities in the United States are not nearly as high as in South America. This is why even though the largest of the peacock bass can range up to nearly three and a half feet in length, unless they are specifically used for food many fishermen employ the sport of “catch them and then throw them back.” This is a good method for sports fishing, as it will give the fishermen the opportunity to reel in these impressive, strong fish, yet not deplete their resources when it is not necessary to do so.

Peacock bass are quite tough to catch. As they resist some of the most commonly-used kinds of lures, and often put up a fight when being reeled in, they are well known for being quite a catch. It is for this reason that fishing expeditions are a preferred type of vacation for fishing enthusiasts. If you are interested in such an expedition, there are various parts of South America which are all ideal for this kind of trip.

In the United States, the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade in Florida offer the most opportunities for peacock bass fishing. Unlike in South America, the peacock bass is not native to this area. The bass which was stocked in these areas more than two decades ago are outside of their own native climate, which makes them far less abundant than in South America.

Peacock bass fishing is fly fishing at its finest. If you are looking for one of the tastiest kinds of fish available, or whether you simply want to try your hand at catching one of these impressive creatures, both are experiences that you will never forget.