Bird Tattoos – Break Away From The Traditional Designs!

The world is brimming with thousands of species of birds. With numerous breeds out there, you will definitely have a lot of choices when it comes to bird tattoos.

There are some common designs, such as that of doves, sparrows or bluebirds. Although they might be familiar to you, they can be done in such ways that they look exceptional and rare. Here are some examples of unique bird tattoos so you can break away from traditional and boring styles.


The swallow is a bird that can be found in most continents, except Antarctica. With its long pointy wings and streamlined body, the swallow is one of the best designs available for those who wish to have bird tattoos.

Swallows signify a lot of thing, and you can pick one to show what you want them to mean. For example, it can denote a positive thing that can take place in the future. After all, when sailors were at sea, seeing a swallow means they are near land.

Another representation of the swallow is loyalty, as it is known to have one single mate for the rest of its lifetime. Lastly, it can show a person’s new love, as swallows were usually used in Egyptian poems talking about novel adoration.


Long considered a spiritual symbol, a dove tattoo can denote numerous meanings. For one, a dove, which holds an olive branch, is said to represent victory, as well as a successful life or relationship.

A flock of doves, on the other hand, denote family and strong ties. A time of new beginning is also associated with a dove tattoo, as it was used by Noah to determine if there is any land where he and his can family can start anew.

As the messenger of Aphrodite, dove tattoos can also signify love. Having a dove with a drawing of the heart can symbolize the beautiful notion of unending love.


Usually donned by sailors who have traveled 10,000 nautical miles, a bluebird tattoo can also be obtained by any person who wants to have a beautiful bird tattoo. As the symbol of the eternal sky, a bluebird tat can show a person’s happiness.

It can also demonstrate prosperity, as Native Americans view the bluebird as the firstborn of the sun. In this light, a bluebird can represent good health and abundance.

If you want a style that denotes nature’s balance, then a design you should have is that of two bluebirds, one with horns, and another with a halo. These can show your acceptance of your good and bad natures.


The hummingbird, which is a very fast bird, can depict energy. Another representation associated with the hummingbird is struggle and exertion, as this bird is known to work hard in order to keep itself alive and flying fast.

With the many bird tattoos and symbolisms available, you can surely choose one, which breaks away from tradition. By adding several design elements to your bird ink, you can have a style, which is very rare and attractive.