Bearded Dragons As Pets

Bearded dragons as pets is a very good idea, a pet that will bring joy for all ages. The reason bearded dragons make good pets is they are easily handled, they are docile. Bearded dragons do not bite and they are not an aggressive reptile. For example an iguana will slap with their tail with out warning. A snake will bite, although depends on the snake, will not hurt but cause the scare factor. A water dragon is jumpy, they like to move alot, some would say they have A.D.D. Bearded dragons are just laid back, and calm.

Bearded dragons as pets is your best bet. They are beautiful lizards, almost have a dinosuar look to them, with the spikes down the side and around their beard. However these spikes are harmless and do not hurt. They may feel a bit scratchy but the spike do not prick, stick, or cut. The spikes are harmless. Before deciding to make bearded dragons as pets, make sure you understand. Bearded dragons need attention.

The beautiful creatures love being handled. The thrive to be social and need the attention. Does this mean you have to constantly pick them up and hold them. No it does not mean that. Bearded dragons need atleast 30 minutes or more a day, of attention. This could be while watching the tube, and holding bearded dragons. As long as they get some attention they will be ok.

Some will argue and say you need a huge space for your bearded dragon yes they need plenty of room but an adult bearded dragon can live happily in a habitat or cage that is 3 times its length. The average length of an adult bearded dragon is closely about 12 inches and a little more. So if the cage is 36 inches long that is suffice. The longer the better, but you need enough room for the bearded dragon to move around in, and chase some crickets that got away.

The bearded dragons diet is simple. The main source of protien for bearded dragons is meal worms, super worms, and crickets. They also love vegetables and fruits as they get older. So cabbage, spinach, apples, bananas, carrots, and a huge list to feed these guys. Nothing special just make sure the carrots and apples are cut in to small slithers so the bearde dragon can chew it and swallow.

The other important thing is to remember when deciding to make bearded dragons as pets is that they have plenty of light, and heat. A basking rock for them to rest on under a heat lamp. An extra UVB light to give them substitute sunlight. A hot area and an area they can go to cool off.

If you follow the basics in this guide you will find that bearded dragons as pets was a good decision.Bearded Dragons are like any other pet you have. They need proper care to be a successful and a happy addition to your home.